Gary Leland

Gary Leland

Gary Leland



Gary has been podcasting since 2004.

He built his first online store back in 1996.

By 2005, one of his websites was listed in Time Magazine’s list of “50 Coolest Websites”.

Today, Gary has more than 25 websites – most of them are eCommerce sites.

He is the past National Director of Social Media for the 3.7 million member United States Specialty Sports Association.

He has built a media empire with his Fastpitch TV Network. This network consist of:

  • video
  • podcasts
  • apps
  • blogs
  • monthly magazine.

The Fastpitch TV Network offers more fastpitch softball information than any other source on the planet.

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15:00 - 15:50
Room B

Podcast workshop

08:00 - 17:00
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